Principal’s Welcome

I welcome you to Halls Head College Education Support Centre. We are a vibrant, caring and successful, small school for students with disabilities. We provide a quality educational experience for all of our students, providing personal learning plans and pathways to ensure that each student will progress, purposefully, towards their own potential.

Our students all have a broad range of curriculum opportunities with shared access to the Halls Head College classes and facilities as well as access to our very own purpose built Life Skills Centre. Our Life Skills Centre has an inclusive kitchen, laundry facility, a shade house, vegetable and herb gardens, composting, a worm farm and a powered shed / workshop. There is also a simulated office and seniors room for our year 10 students.

As good as the facilities and programs are, it is our staff and our educational philosophy that makes us a distinct school. We cater for our students’ social, academic and pastoral care through key teachers and mentors. Developing and nurturing relationships is a focus at our school. We want all students to feel safe, valued and empowered to make good choices.

Our curriculum delivery is student focused. There is strong emphasis on the strengths and abilities of our students. We like to acknowledge what the student is able to do and then build on this to ensure goals are achieved. We foster partnerships with our local community so that we can continue to offer better opportunities for our students.

With great staff, a dedicated and supportive school board, strong parent, and wide community support, our distinctive school is well placed to ensure that all our students, with all their diversity, will be successful learners and active citizens of our local community.

Debbie Fieldwick

Our Vision

Halls Head College Education Support Centre is committed to developing life long learners who are confident and capable of achieving their full potential.

We foster a cooperative and supportive learning environment that is inclusive and responsive to the needs of all students.We aim to develop independent learners who have a strong sense of worth and compassion for others. Our vision will be realised through an enduring partnership involving all members of our school, Halls Head College and the wider community.