Parents and Citizens Committee

Welcome to the Halls Head College P&C Association which includes Halls Head College ESC.

The P&C Association is an integral part of our school and culture. The Committee consists of community members, teachers, non-teaching staff and parents.

The meetings are a warm and friendly opportunity for parents and carers to discuss relevant issues, future events and concerns. As well as learn about the different programs and opportunities available at Halls Head College and Halls Head College ESC.

The P&C provides important additional funds to the school through the management of the School Cafeteria. 2022 the P&C contributed $7,354.50 towards Halls Head College ESC programs, initiatives and equipment. Including the purchase of the Year 10 Leavers Shirts and the End of Year Bike Attendance Award. We are very grateful and thankful for their continued support.

Meetings are held on Tuesdays of weeks 3 and 8 of each Term, starting at 5.30pm in the Halls Head College Administration building.

We would like to encourage all parents and community members to attend.

Stan Philips

Steven Lawson
Vice President

Rosalie Trivett

Marion Palmer