School Board

The Halls Head College ESC Board is formed with the fundamental purpose of enabling parents and members of the community to engage in activities that are in the best interests of the students and enhance the education provided at Halls Head College ESC

The elected members include parents, staff, including the principal and community members. The responsibilities of the Board are:

  • Work within the Department of Education’s relevant legislation and regulations
  • Contributes to the School Delivery and Performance Agreement and the Business Plan
  • Endorses and reviews the annual budget
  • Assists with the formulation of Codes of Conduct
  • Reviews the Performance of the School
  • Creates interest in the school within and across the community
  • Assists with the Principal selection when a vacancy arises
  • Approves fees, charges, contributions and items of personal use, extra cost optional component programs
  • Approves arrangements for sponsorship or advertising
  • Liaises with other committees within the school
  • Hold one open meeting each year to report to the school community

Parents are encouraged to nominate for the school board as vacancies arise.

School Board Meetings For 2024

Monday 18th March
Monday 17th June
Monday 9th September
Monday 2nd December

The School Board meets at 5.30pm. Please contact 9581 0613 if you have any enquires or wish to nominate.

Board Members 2024

Deb Fieldwick

Deb Fieldwick – is our School Principal and leads the Focus area of Effective Leadership and Succession Planning within the school. Deb has been an educator for over 28 years and has worked in remote and metropolitan WA, the U.K and Abu Dhabi. Deb loves to read research and keep learning. She is passionate about empowering young people through purposeful education and community connections.

Lynda Norris

Lynda joined the School Board in 2024, after 17 years employed by Halls Head College ESC as a School Support Officer.

Alana Grant
Lisa Munday

Lisa Munday MLA – as a mum of two autistic boys, a registered paramedic and now a State Member of Parliament, Lisa has a good understanding of the health and well being of local young people and would like to utilise this knowledge to assist the students and parents of HHC ESC

Tazmah Milward

Tazmah Milward is a trained Education Support Teacher who joined HHC ESC in 2021. During her time with HHC ESC, Tazmah has taught years 8-10, Business Enterprise, ASDAN and has been a valuable member of many committee and working groups.

Mel Tanish

Mel Tanish- Joined Halls Head College ESC and our School Board at the beginning of 2021, after spending 6 years as an Education Assistance for Atwell College. Mel has lived in the Mandurah area for the past 10 years and has recently begun a new position as Lead Education Assistant with Halls Head College. Mel enjoys being part of the Halls Head College ESC community and building positive relationships with both staff and students.

Nicki Wright

Nicki Wright – joined our School Board as parent member in 2023 and brought with her a wealth of knowledge – particularly her experience as a life skills coach working alongside women, men and youth within the prison system.

Sarah Cousins

Joined the School Board in 2021 as a Parent Member. Sarah’s son has since left Halls Head College ESC to begin year 11 at John Tonkin College ESC, however Sarah has chosen to stay on as a Community School Board Member and continue to support the school wherever possible

Serena Waterman

Serena Waterman – was previously a member of the Riverside ESC School Board. She has experience in education from around the world, including Kenya and England and has worked in both Government and the Hampshire Constabulary prior to working in finance. Serena currently works as a Health Insurance Assessor and is qualified as an Education Assistant.

Steve Lawson

Prior to joining the School Board as a Community Member in 2022, Steve was already an active member of the Halls Head College ESC community. Steve is the Vice President of the P&C and also visits the school once a week with therapy dog Nina, offering support to both students and staff.