School Plan

Our staff and school board have worked together, guided by a process of rigorous school review and community consultations, to develop this plan. Our 2022-2025 School Plan highlights four key focus areas, these are: Excellence in Teaching and Student Achievement, Effective Leadership and Succession Planning, Health and Wellbeing and Sustainability.

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Excellence in Teaching and Student Achievement

A priority at Halls Head College ESC is to provide high quality, engaging and diverse learning opportunities that meet the individual needs of our learners. Student assessment data will be used to refine our teaching in order to maximise student progress. We will increase the capacity and collective efficacy of our teachers and allied professionals by building a collaborative and caring culture of growth and commitment to ensuring every student has a pathway to future success.

Effective Leadership and Succession Planning

Leadership at all levels is a priority and all staff are encouraged to share their knowledge and skills with colleagues. As leadership becomes more complex and demands are placed on senior leaders, Halls Head College ESC recognises the need to share decision-making among trained and well-informed staff. To do this the school recognises the need to identify those who show the necessary skills, desire and talent to build their capacity as future school and system leaders.

Health and Wellbeing

Improving the Health and Wellbeing of students and staff at Halls Head College ESC remains a priority. Our school is a vibrant learning community. We celebrate the diversity and individual abilities of all in a safe and positive environment. Our purposeful curriculum for all students promotes learning and personal development ensuring students are empowered to have a voice. Behaviour in the learning environment is established through positive means and our staff commitment to our Consistent and Connected practice document. Planning for and carrying out our school grounds and classroom improvement and maintenance is seen as a positive message about how we value our environment and the pride we have in our school.


Our Sustainability journey begins with the whole school community involved in the learning and development of lifelong sustainable practices, thus empowering students to become future leaders. We are well established, with our tree nursery, vegetable gardens, poultry and fruit trees. We offer an accredited Environmental Leadership Program and link our school to various community groups including the City of Mandurah. These aspirations encompass all aspects of our planning, implementation and practices. They drive us to further reduce our Energy, Waste and Water requirements and increase the Biodiversity of our school. We acknowledge the lessons from our first nation people and value the social handprint, where peace and partnerships unite our school and world. As we grow, we are guided by the ‘Caring for Country – Together’ document which provides framework for further implementation and improvement.