Parents & Citizens Association

Welcome to the Halls Head College P&C Group which includes Halls Head College ESC.

The P & C Association is an integral part of our school and culture. The Committee consists of community members, teachers, non-teaching staff and parents. Our meetings are held on the 2nd and 6th Tuesday of each Term at 5.30pm in the HHC Administration building at the school.

The meetings are very warm and friendly, giving the group the opportunity to discuss relevant issues, future events and our school’s developments.

The P&C provides additional funds to the school through the management of the School Canteen.

We would like to encourage parents of Education Support students to attend the P&C meetings so that you can have your say on a whole range of issues and have a say in what goes on within your child’s school. New ideas are welcomed.

If you would like to become a member of our P&C the cost is $1.00 – (WACSSO) where you can share your opinions with members of the group.

Office Bearers

Vice President
Mr Stan Phillips
Mr. Steven Lawson
Ms. Rosalie Trivett
Ms Marion Palmer

P&C Meetings 2022

Tuesday 8th February
Tuesday 8th March AGM
Tuesday 3rd May
Tuesday 31st May
Tuesday 26th July
Tuesday 23rd August
Tuesday 18th October
Tuesday 15th November