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Over the last two weeks, the students have been participating in art workshops with Daniel from Dmackulate Designs
The workshops started with each student discussing with Daniel something which they like to do, such as coming to school, holidays with family or riding motorbikes.
Together they then selected the Noongar symbols which matched their story and painted these on a canvas.
The students gained so much from this form of expression, with some beautiful, personalised artwork created.
To finish the workshops, the students helped Daniel in painting a mural on the side of the sports shed. This mural will depict our waterways and how they were formed when the Wagyl came out of the sea and created the inlet. The Wagyl then gave birth to three young in the inlet. When the three young grew up and left the inlet, they created the Murray, Serpentine and Harvey Rivers.
It is going to be such a beautiful focal point in our garden, we can’t wait until it’s finished

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