Our Focus

Our Business Plan 2022 – 2025 Outlines 4 Focus Areas for our School:

1. Excellence in Teaching and Student Achievement

A priority at Halls Head College Education Support Centre (HHCESC) is to provide high quality, engaging and diverse learning programs and opportunities that meet the individual needs of the learner, assessed with purpose to maximise student achievement. These programs must be communicated effectively to enable support staff to implement and includes quality assessment practices designed to ensure student progress and achievement.

2. Effective Leadership and Succession Planning

As leadership becomes more complex and demands are placed on leaders, HHC ESC recognises the need to share decision-making among trained and well informed staff. To do this the school recognises the need to identify those who show necessary skills, desire and talent.


3. Health and Wellbeing (HWB)

Our school is a vibrant learning community which embraces cohesion of our students and staff to have a safe learning environment and experiences. We celebrate the diversity and individual abilities of all.


4. Sustainability

At HHC ESC our sustainable journey begins with the whole school community involved in learning, developing lifelong sustainable practices and empowering students to become future leaders. These goals encompass all aspects of our planning, implementation and practices. They drive us to further reduce our Energy, Waste and Water requirements and increase the Biodiversity of our school environment. We also acknowledge the social hand print where peace and partnerships unite our school and world.

icon-pdf Halls Head College Education Support Centre Business Plan