Welcome to the Halls Head College Canteen. The school canteen is located near the schools Administration building and is open daily on Monday – Friday 7.30am – 2.00pm.

The canteen has a range of nutritious salads, rolls, wraps and sandwiches starting at $3.50. There are a range of drinks available starting at $3.50.

The School has a daily ‘Breakfast Club’ giving students physical, mental and social benefits of receiving a nutritious breakfast. The Breakfast Club operates 5 days per week serving items such as fresh fruit, toast, juice and in winter, hot chocolate.

The school Canteen aims to abide by the State Government’s Traffic Light System. We only provide healthy choice foods recommended by the Heart Foundation, W.A.S.C.A. the Health Department and as taught via the school curriculum.

Traffic Light System Information:

In 2006 the State Government announced a policy and standards for healthy food and drinks provided in WA public school canteens and food services. The policy includes a food and drink categorisation system based on ‘traffic lights’.

traffic(G) – GREEN predominantly fills the menu

(A) – AMBER select carefully and restrict sales

(R) – RED off the menu

The minimum standard for all public school canteens and food services requires that 60% of the menu comes from food and drink choices that are ‘GREEN’ with not more than 40% of the menu coming from the ‘AMBER’ category.

Our Canteen is operated by Ms Lyndall Pearce who strives to achieve 60% ‘GREEN’ and 40% ‘AMBER’ with the Traffic Light System with over 80% of all food prepared in the canteen made on the premises.
Students are encouraged to order their food by 11.00am each day and can do so from 7.30am each morning. During Summer there are also ‘daily specials’ in addition to the Summer Canteen Menu.

The canteen is always available on 9581 0614 to discuss dietary needs and the daily specials.

Canteen Staff

Canteen Manager: Lyndall Pearce
Breakfast Club Co-ordinator: HHC Student Services and ESC Student Leaders
Canteen Employees: Elva Dempsey, Kathy Sutton

Contact Phone: 9581 0614