Core Subjects


In the English learning area the children learn how to use and appreciate the English language. Reading, writing, spelling, grammar, speaking and listening and viewing are all aspects of the English language covered within our programs. Individual student literacy goals are outlined in our students’ personalised learning plans (PLPs). Students access Multilit*, speech therapy, augmentative communication systems or programs and other specialised support as required.

Testing and placement of students who have difficulty reading in our MULTILIT reading program, comprehension and/or spelling and vocabulary program (1.1 tutor/student ratio).


In the Mathematics learning area students develop skills in areas such as money, number, space, measurement and chance and data. Our school embraces a functional approach to maths learning which encourages students to apply their mathematical learning to everyday life. Individual student numeracy goals are outlined in our students’ personalised learning plans (PLPs).


In the Science learning area students learn to investigate, understand and communicate about the physical, biological and technological world and value the processes that support life on our planet. Our school embraces a hands-on approach to science learning which encourages students to apply their science learning to everyday life. Our school’s Life skills centre with our garden facilities provides a practical environment where students can apply their understanding of scientific processes.


Humanities and Social Science

Humanities and Social Sciences consist of Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, Geography and History.

Through the use of primary and secondary resources, students gain insight into their own society and its values, as well as background driving forces behind present local and global issues. This awareness is crucial to the development of active and informal citizens in any society.

Health and Physical Education

Student health and wellbeing is a priority for our school and we ensure that students have opportunity to engage in and enjoy regular movement-based learning experiences and understand and appreciate their significance to personal, social, cultural, environmental and health practices and outcomes. Students also develop and use skills and strategies to promote a sense of personal identity and wellbeing, and to build and manage respectful relationships.