Year 10

WACE/WASSA Registered Endorsed Programs for 2022 Include:

  • Eco-Leaders,
  • Authority Developed Workplace Learning (ADWPL)
  • ASDAN – Towards Independence

Eco – Leaders

Eco-Leaders 1 is a course focusing on environmental sustainability including the study of society’s attitude to the environment and challenging current beliefs. As the name suggests students take an active role in conservation and lead by example passing on rehabilitation and conservation skills to others. Coast Care activities including dune rehabilitation, re-vegetation and stabilisation form part of the program. Various community groups work with the students to increase their awareness of what others are doing in the community.


Personal Development

  • Personal Qualities
  • Communication
  • Social Skills
  • Senior First Aid Certificate

Conservation Practices

  • Understanding Conservation and Development
  • Conservation Action
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Management in action
  • Working Safely in Nature
Environmental Understanding

  • Environments and Ecosystems
  • Environmental Issues
  • Survival in the Environment

Leadership and Teamwork

  • Applied Decision Making
  • Leadership and Teamwork.

Authority Developed Workplace Learning (ADWPL)

School to work transition is a fundamental component of our Senior School program. Our personalised learning pathways include, for each student, a transition plan from year 9 which provides opportunities for students to gain practical experience in various workplaces, develop job seeking skills, learn about workplace safety and develop the skills and resilience to be successful in their chosen employment.

At work the students will be assessed on these Core Skills for Work (CSfW).
These skills are:

 Skills Clusters  Skill Areas
1. Navigate the world of work
  1. Manage Career and work life
  2. Work with roles, rights and protocols
2. Interact with others
  1. Communicate for work
  2. Connect and work with others
  3.  Recognise and utilise diverse perspectives
3. Get the work done
  1. Plan and organise
  2. Make decisions
  3. Identify and solve problems
  4. Create and Innovate
  5. Work in a digital world

We would like to thank all the businesses who support our students with placements.

ASDAN – Towards Independence


Award, Scheme, Development and Accreditation Network

What is ASDAN Towards Independence?
Towards Independence comprises a set of modules designed to develop and accredit personal, social and independent skills for those with severe learning difficulties (SLD) and profound multiple learning difficulties (PMLD).

The modules contain activities to develop learners’ skills and offers formal recognition for small steps of achievement towards a larger goal. Modules can be used separately and accumulated to build a record of personal achievement.

  • For learners with a range of learning difficulties
  • Record small steps of achievement and progress
  • Celebrate achievement with ASDAN certification

Students have the opportunity to complete modules from the ‘Towards Independence’ Qualifications.
Modules currently offered include:-

  • Starting out
  • Business Enterprise
  • World of Work
  • World of Work – Office
  • Vocational Training and Experience
  • Multi-Sensory Experience
  • Horticulture
  • Developing Numeracy Skills
  • Developing Communication Skills

Personal and economical wellbeing Social, Health and Ethical skills (PSHE)