We are committed to providing learning opportunities which will enable our students to work towards the requirements of the West Australian Curriculum.

The range of core subjects offered includes: English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education. A Personalised Learning Plan is negotiated and developed for each student to cater for individual needs. Our qualified specialist staff provide extra support for literacy / numeracy difficulties and we work closely with various therapists and community services to meet our student needs. Considerable emphasis is also placed on social skills development.

All students at Halls Head College Education Support Centre have the opportunity to demonstrate outcomes in all Learning Areas described in West Australian Curriculum.

These Learning Areas are:

  • Arts (includes Music, Dance, Drama, Photography, Visual Arts, Media Studies)
  • English
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Technologies (includes Food Technology, Textiles, Design & Technology, Information Technology)

Some year 7 and 8 students experience a fixed ‘taster course’ in which they cycle through specialist subjects from the Arts and Technology and Enterprise.

This enables all students to make informed decisions about:

  • what areas they enjoy,
  • what areas they are good at; and
  • what they would like to do more of in later years.

Students are involved in three periods of Physical Education & Health each week.
Year 9 and 10 Students will have the opportunity for more specialisation – particularly in the areas of Arts, Technology & Enterprise and Physical Education.

Information and Technology

Each class has up to date computers that are connected to the school network enabling fast access to the internet. Students have access to a range of educational software.

Also available to our students are laptops, iPads, interactive whiteboard’s and Electroboards.
Please contact your child’s teacher or the principal if you would like more information about our learning programs at Halls Head College Education Support Centre.

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